“As a successful entrepreneur and on my second startup, YoYoMetrics, I take pride in finding innovative ways to execute ideas in a cost and time efficient way and Bluefront Capital provided just that and more. After calling them and speaking directly with Valentine, the managing partner, their team was ready to rock. By next Morning, they had prepared a work process document, sample project and built a smart tech to expedite the tasks we needed to outsource. The results blew me away in terms of price, quality, timeliness, scalability and ability to jump on a project and execute. Since then, the team has been available 24/7 for operations outsourcing projects, offering insight, experience and virtually overnight delivery. Thanks Guys!!”

– Jason Reuben, CEO of YoYo Metrics

“Getting off the ground is a challenging endeavor for any new firm.  However, signing up Bluefront Capital for financial, strategic and technology development needs has made many of our problems disappear. Not only is the team well-informed, they are also fast, responsive, and very easy to work with.  Having a dedicated “partner” like Bluefront Capital has made all the difference to us and their competitive pricing has only made the experience better.”

- Henry Boulton & Philip Gebauer, Co-Founders of The Shoppers Guild, (Shopperz.com)

“In the post 9/11 economy it has been very difficult for pre-revenue early stage companies to raise capital. Operating in the medical device space with its regulatory and reimbursement hurdles made potential investors perceive the industry as a risky investment frustrating our efforts to attract investors. The Bluefront Capital team worked closely with us to create a compelling story, attractive presentation, business plan and financial model. Thanks for your support.”

-Christopher LaFarge, CEO of MedicaMetrix

“As our Virtual CFO, Valentine & the Bluefront team helped us organize our financial process, lighten up our AR and built a number of models which empowered us to closely monitor metrics, build valuation and interpret the sales pipeline. They also developed our client decision model which helped us pinpoint sector specific patterns for buying/conversion potential in client prospecting. Great team to work with, not afraid to roll up their sleeves, available 24/7 for questions and for brain storming! Thanks Guys!”

-Eric Paulson, CEO of Vendisys Inc.

“Starting up my clothing line in an already crowded fashion industry in New York was overwhelming. Bluefront Capital has been a very helpful sounding board for my ideas and business questions. The team is always available to dive in, research and work together to come up with solutions as well as give strategic insight into building my business.”

- Maja Svensson, CEO of Elsa and Me

“Valentine has been a tremendous resource to me and my team. He has advised us extensively regarding strategy and has assisted with various implementations. I found Valentine to be extremely bright, knowledgeable and reliable. He is quick to engage and follows through with delivering value. Working with Valentine and Bluefront has been very rewarding. I fully recommend Valentine and looking forward to our next engagement!”

- Alex Sheyner, CEO of Pro Source Inc.

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