Bluefront Capital is a financial management and advisory firm serving fast growing companies through all stages of their corporate life cycle from venture stage to middle market. We develop long-term relationships with our clients and provide continuous support at every facet of business development from finding the right financial partners and identifying achievement-oriented executives, to managing national and cross-border M&A transactions.

Bluefront Capital provides services to three distinct parts of the business ecosystem

  1. Companies in need of financial advisory,  business development and strategic help
  2. Traditional Money Managers, Hedge Funds, Funds of Hedge Funds and other Asset Allocators in need of operational and risk management support
  3. Large public companies who wish to allocate to alternative investments and  / or buy small companies  in order to expand their product / service offerings.

Working together with our clients to understand their business, providing timely and objective advice and prioritizing their goals, we are consistently able to prove our added value and grow our client’s business. By leveraging our market experience, industry contacts and global presence, we are able to provide a “full package” of services that our clients need, saving time and money while helping their businesses prosper and generating social value and returns to their investors.

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