Capital Raising

When you need financing for a start-up activity, an expansion, a business transaction, or innovative research, the experienced advisors of Bluefront Capital will make all the difference. Save precious money, valuable time, and unending headaches. Get the capital you need today.

Raising capital in today’s economy requires the finesse of leaders who understand financial issues that small and midsize companies face in their growing process as well as knowledge of every possible option for businesses in transition, whether the capital comes from angels, venture capital firms, private equity firms, grants, investment clubs, initial public offerings, or traditional loans. Bluefront Capital utilizes this knowledge and brings an innovative approach to raising capital that evaluates the pros and cons of each possibility, addressing your unique issues, and finding the ideal solution.

Bluefront Capital will help with:

  • Seed capital for business start-ups
  • Start-up and government grants
  • SBA loans, bank loans and commercial loans
  • Credit lines
  • IPO, Pipes, and Equity negotiations
  • Private equity, angel investors, angel investor groups, and venture capital funding

Our consulting assistance includes:

  • Business opportunity evaluation – we review your business concept, commercialization strategy, funding needs, issues, risks, and opportunities.
  • Funding process education – we provide information about the funding process, funding options, and investors’ requirements and perspectives.
  • Financing proposal development assistance – from a review and critique of your funding proposal to an interactive collaboration to develop and write all or portions of the funding proposal.
  • Funding source identification and evaluation – we identify potential funding sources, such as angels, venture capital firms, private equity firms, investment clubs, initial public offerings, or traditional loans that are appropriate for your unique situation.
  • R&D funding assistance – we identify government agencies and grant programs, develop a proposal for funding, and refer you to researchers or grant writers.

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