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Based on our extensive experience advising growing companies in the USA and Europe, we have developed and vetted an integrated approach in order to help our clients with day to day business issues, such as strategic analysis, marketing, sales, negotiations, and closing deals. We adopt a truly “hands-on” approach: getting involved in the company, identifying new business opportunities – whether that means new markets, new partnerships with other businesses, new ways to reach existing markets, or new product or service offerings to better meet the needs of existing markets – and help with the actual execution to bring in more revenue. We work with your company helping to build your business, providing start-up coaching, growth stage consulting, as well as document preparation and strategy development.

Our services include:

  • Financial models development We assist in developing a comprehensive financial model that will help you evaluate different scenarios, present your business to others, and better manage your business. As every business is different, we customize all financial models for our clients.

  • Business Plan analysis and development A concise, well-organized business plan is essential for the future success of any company, and also an important means of communicating with lenders, investors, and employees. BlueFront Capital can help you develop a realistic, simple, and flexible business plan. We will guide you through the business planning process; reviewing and critiquing any current documents, assisting in revenue forecasting and budgeting, obtaining market and other data for incorporation into the plan, and helping in the development and writing of sections or the entirety of the business plan.

  • Marketing strategy development – We help you craft sales, marketing, and distribution strategies to make sure you offer the right value proposition to the right people at the right price.

  • Executive Summaries – The first thing most investors want to see is a compelling one or two page executive summary. The goal of an executive summary is to persuade investors to request the full business plan or pitch deck. We help you put your best foot forward.

  • Pitch Decks – These days, many equity investors prefer to see a stand-alone pitch deck rather than a full narrative business plan. A great pitch deck is clean, crisp, and tells just the right story, without going into excessive detail. Together, with our customers, we help boil down the key facts that sell their story just right and present it in a pitch deck format.

  • Presentation Design Clean and clear presentations are crucial, whether you are seeking capital, partners, customers, or employees. We’ll help you design a crisp presentation and coach you on how to deliver it in an engaging way.

  • Entrepreneur Coaching & Tactical Guidance – We help you understand how to organize your company, where you need to incorporate, how to structure capital, whether you need to patent your ideas, and all those pesky questions you want a second opinion on. Due to our extensive experience and legal contacts, we can help clarify all the questions that face startups and emerging growth ventures so that the business owner can focus on selling their product or service and growing their business.

  • Client Prospecting – Creating a list of qualified prospects for your service or product is a daunting task when you’re beginning or growing your business. A lot of the time, the Entrepreneur thinks they know who the primary or secondary customers are, but more often than not, it is unclear how to get to them. We will help with identifying the right clients, the key executives, and decision-makers and we will communicate a concise value proposition to get our client in the door.

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