Part Time CFO Services

In this time of financial crisis, increasing government scrutiny, strategic funding imperatives, and overall operational complexity, the role of the CFO has never been more critical to a company’s success. The part time CFO can drive financial and business strategy to ensure that the course of your business is the right one and helps the business make adjustments along the way. Many full time and part time CFOs are grappling with an expanded breadth of responsibility while trying to adapt to rapid changes in the economic environment and their company’s business model. As a part time CFO, we combine in-depth financial knowledge and experience with strategic business insight to help you assess and meet your company’s specific objectives. We work at a senior level, counseling management and guiding existing staff toward the solution of complex financial problems and the development of improved management systems. We offer an affordable and flexible approach to your financial management and strategic and business development needs.

Our Part Time CFO Services include:

  • Providing financial advisory support in the areas of budgeting and forecasting as well as developing financial models used for valuations, operations, and investor relations.
  • Providing guidance and support by assisting management through the fundraising process (e.g. creation of the executive summary, investment presentation, business plans, financial model, etc).
  • Creating financial pro forma statements to be used as part of the fundraising and financial management process.
  • Analyzing new markets, potential M & A initiatives, and sales transactions.
  • Developing and implementing a financial/operational reporting package to support the needs of the company and to assist with monitoring and executing corporate goals.
  • Assisting with strategic business development and research.
  • Providing oversight for company administrative functions including contract administration, human resources, accounting, banking and treasury, facility management, investor relations, and legal matters.

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