Risk Management

Both the hedge fund investment strategy and the operations of the business carry their own set of risks and rewards. In order to assess the risk-reward of a particular hedge fund investment, the investor needs to understand their investment objectives and how the potential hedge fund can affect their portfolio. Simultaneously, Hedge Fund managers need to demonstrate that they have a very firm grasp of their fund’s risks as well as a clear and transparent way to communicate this with investors. BlueFront Capital provides risk control services specifically designed to meet the risk management and performance reporting needs of investment managers of all sizes. We assess the key business risks that are unique to different industries and organizations, monitor risk management effectiveness on an ongoing basis, and consult on implementing risk management methods and systems for improved performance.

BlueFront Capital provides traditional risk management services including determining risk parameters/constraints, VaR analysis, risk trend analysis, largest winners/losers analysis, liquidity analysis, P&L by portfolio and position reporting, Stress Testing, and Alpha Beta separation. We also provide concentration, cancellation and thesis analysis in context with the overall investment strategy providing detailed comments, advice, and communication materials to be used with investors.

Finally, Bluefront Capital has launched a new service called AnalystClone. Our AnalystClone Hedge Funds service will contribute to your bottom-line by eliminating the need for junior research analysts by covering all quantitative, qualitative and risk functions at a fraction of the cost. We are also able to aggregate all necessary data from managers, brokers and third party risk and data providers, such as Measurisk, RiskMetrics, Bloomberg, BaraOne, RiskData, Alternative Soft, Pertrac, and our Proprietary Quant models, to create and maintain all marketing, analysis and client service materials. Our reports are fully customizable to match the look and feel of your current marketing materials.

We are also happy to offer the use of our free Hedge Fund Analyzer @ analystclone.com/HFA

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