Due Diligence and Consulting

Institutional investors and family offices are often challenged by the lack of transparency and a number of complex questions when faced with the task of entrusting their assets to hedge fund managers. The perplexing array of investment opportunities requires an understanding of each client’s risk profile and significant follow on due diligence. Bluefront Capital provides due diligence and consulting services which are essential decision aids to investors. We investigate funds and funds of hedge funds from both a quantitative and qualitative perspectives. Bluefront Capital performs formal reviews of style management, strategy, performance, risks controls and operations infrastructure, including background checks on hedge fund personnel, and the quality of their outside professional service providers such including auditors, lawyers and prime brokers. After the initial research is performed, Bluefront Capital engages their clients in a collaborative discussion to help identify the ‘red flag exceptions’ that could be problem areas in the future and to develop investment guidelines and identify prospective investments.

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