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These past two years have been an amazing learning curve for us. Our key lesson has been value of relationships. We have grown with the help of our client referral partners and creative individuals who have joined the Bluefront Capital family.
This newsletter takes a look of some of our achievements in our past quest to help you develop your business ideas and grow your business.
Looking ahead we pledge to continue offering you the financial services you need to make your mark in a competitive industry and grow your business.
Warmest Regards,
Bluefront Capital LLC
Social Entrepreneurship Heats Up
A social entrepreneurship business model is catching on to entrepreneurs as they try to solve a social or environmental problem while being profitable. What exactly is a social entrepreneur? Jay Goltz from the New York Times explains this concept in his blog post Thinking Entrepreneurship G5z0
According to Echoing Green’s 2010 social entrepreneurship survey three emerging trends were identified:
Social entrepreneurs are attracted to solving the world’s most difficult problems early in their career with over 55% younger than 35
Social entrepreneurs are blurring the lines between nonprofit and for profit experience and are often serial entrepreneurs
Social entrepreneurs are on the forefront of innovative organizational structures
So what is the value of social entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs and how do you measure the ROI of socially responsible investment for your business?
Investing in social enterprises delivers longer term returns on investment which include:
Attracting good investors and first-class staff whose values resonate with the social investments of your business
Enhancing the reputation of your business in the community which affects its license to operate
Giving your business a competitive edge with consumers who are drawn to business that add value to their community
Social Return on investment attempts to measure the value of social entrepreneurship considering stakeholders and the financial value of the impact on community.
BFC Bluefront Capital
Three Ways to Attract Investors to Your Business.
“A good business idea is only an idea if it is never implemented and turned into reality. The transition from an idea to a reality relies essentially on ones ability to raise capital.”
Raising capital for your start up is overwhelming and could turn into a full time job taking your focus away from growing your business and attracting new clients. Here are some tips on how to raise capital for your start up:
Be The First Investor
A number of investors are pessimistic about investing in your idea when you don’t invest in it. Show confidence in your idea by investing some of your savings into it and showing that you are fully committed.
Research, Research, Research
It is essential to research an industry, market, potential investors and their investment trends and appetites. This saves you time, effort and the frustration from pitching the wrong investors.
A clear, concise and consistent story with facts and figures to back it up is essential when presenting apitch to potential investors. Many times entrepreneurs change their story as they go along and this sets them up because investors talk to investors and if your story varies from one to the other your reputation as an entrepreneur worth investing in is at risk.
Involve Mentors
Some grey hair along with years of experience in a particular field instills a sense of confidence among potential investors. It is a good idea to involve a mentor when you are trying to raise capital for your start up from investors.
Some of these services like research and developing presentations can be outsourced from firms so you can focus on developing your business idea further. Remember, as a CEO you can’t wear all the important hats in your organization, so to really succeed you must focus on what you do best.
“In the post 9/11 economy it has been very difficult for pre-revenue early stage companies to raise capital. Operating in the medical device space with its regulatory and reimbursement hurdles made potential investors perceive the industry as a risky investment frustrating our efforts to attract investors. The Bluefront Capital worked closely with us to create a compelling story, attractive presentation, business plan and financial model. Thanks for your support”
-Christopher La Farge, CEO of MedicaMetrix
Our Services:
Part Time CFO Services
Financial Operations: Middle Office & Back Office Outsourcing
Capital Raising
International and Domestic M&A
Strategic Advisory
Business Development
Our Core Values:
Providing Timely, Independent and Objective advice
Employing relationship driven solutions
Prioritizing and achieving client goals
Maintaining a network of global partners
Leveraging our market expertise
In September 2008, Valentine Moroz was driven by his passion for finance, strategy and technology to start Bluefront Capital. His vision was to connect and help people with an entrepreneurship mindset like his own with financial and strategic advice.
“As our Virtual CFO, Valentine & the Bluefront team helped us organize our financial process, lighten up our AR and built a number of models which empowered us to closely monitor metrics, build valuation and interpret the sales pipeline. They also developed our client decision model which helped us pinpoint sector specific patterns for buying/conversion potential in client prospecting. Great team to work with, not afraid to roll up their sleeves, available 24/7 for questions and for brain storming! Thanks Guys!”
-Eric Paulson, CEO of Vendisys Inc.
In the space of two years, we have grown from one man’s vision offering financial advisory services to local business owners in New York to a full fledged virtual consultancy firm with a multi-national team offering financial services to business owners and asset managers across Europe, North and South America, Middle East and Asia.
Now in our third year we continue to provide business owners, investors and asset managers with a broad range of financial advisory services.
Join us this month as we celebrate two amazing years in business and growth made possible by clients like you.
We invite you to join our Facebook fan page for a personal invite to our 2nd Anniversary celebration.
Bluefront Capital News
Bluefront Capitall LLC launches Hedge Fund and Institutional Investor Advisory Services.
Bluefront Capital has launched Hedge Fund and Institutional Investor Advisory Services in response to your growing need for transparency and risk management when making investment allocation decisions. Read More
Earn Your Rewards Through Our Client Referral Partnership
Celebrating two years in business this month, we appreciate our Referral Partners who have helped us survive our “startup” stage and grow our business. We look forward to seeing you soon and hope you are doing great!
We highly value our relationships and continue to reward our Referral Partners for their support and help. If you believe in our core principles and also put a high value on business relationships, we want to hear from you. Please contact us to discuss entering a strategic partnership by emailing:
Connect With Us

Featured Tool of this Month: A Free Savings Calculator
Bluefront Capital LLC has created a savings calculator that helps companies identify savings opportunities when considering outsourcing of financial management, operations, and back office functions.
The calculator helps companies understand what financial procedures they can outsource and what savings they can realize by leveraging the financial services and technologies of Bluefront Capital.
In particular, the calculator helps Money Managers identify saving from outsourcing of risk management. This tool encourages companies to look at their costs and decide whether outsourcing efforts improve efficiency and margins.
The savings calculator – – went into effect on July 7th.
“We are empowering companies to find the lowest rates available without compromising the quality of services. That is why we encourage companies to compare their current in-house financial management, operations, and risk management cost with the cost of outsourcing them,” said CEO and founder of Bluefront Capital, Valentine Moroz.
About Bluefront Capital
Bluefront Capital is a corporate finance advisory firm dedicated to providing cost effective solutions to business owners, investors and money managers at various stages of business development and investment process. The firm services three distinct parts of the business ecosystem are:
Companies in need of financial advisory, financial process outsourcing, business development and strategic help
Traditional money managers, hedge funds, funds of hedge funds and institutional investors in need of operational and risk management support
Large public companies who wish to allocate to alternative investments and/or buy small companies in order to expand their product/service offerings
Please, visit our website for detailed information about our services and competitive pricing strategy. Also, feel free to contact us at with any further questions and inquiries about the services.
Please contact our Corporate Communications department at with any comments and suggestions for the upcoming issues of our quarterly financial services journal “Bluefront Capital News. Businesses and Entrepreneurs Edition”.
Our Team:
Extensive professional experience in financial strategy, risk management and research, outsourcing, systems and technology
Multinational management team fluent in key languages available 24/7
Bottom Line: We think of our clients as our Partners in the economic battlefield. We align interests, so that we can grow together
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Issue 01 September 2010

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