Savings Calculator Press Release

Bluefront Capital LLC Creates Free Savings Calculator for Outsourcing Financial and Risk Management

The new tool helps companies calculate their operational savings when outsourcing financial, operations, and risk management responsibilities.

New York, NY, July 6,2010 – Bluefront Capital LLC has created a savings calculator that helps companies identify savings opportunities when considering outsourcing financial management, operations and back office functions. It also helps Money Managers identify savings which they could realize by outsourcing risk management. This tool encourages companies to look at their current costs and decide whether outsourcing efforts will improve efficiency and margins.

The savings calculator – – which goes into effect July 7th helps companies decide what services they can outsource and realize the savings they can achieve by leveraging the financial services and technologies of Bluefront Capital.

“We are empowering companies to find the lowest rates available without compromising the quality of services. This is why we encourage companies to compare their current in-house financial management, operations and risk management costs vs outsourcing them.” said CEO and Founder, Bluefront Capital LLC, Valentine Moroz.

About Bluefront Capital LLC

Bluefront Capital is a financial advisory firm providing cost-effective solutions to business owners, investors and money managers at various stages of business development and investment process. By leveraging market experience, industry contacts and global presence, Bluefront Capital offers a full portfolio of services, providing financial, operational and strategy advisory services to business owners and risk, research and system development capabilities to money managers. For additional information go to or call (646)755-9833


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